Open theses

Ongoing and finished theses


  • Achanta Ravi Chandra: Analysis of Single-Channel Patch-Clamp Time Series using a 2D-Fit Algorithm and Performance Evaluation on HPC systems. Master thesis (advisor: T. Gruber).
  • Sebastian Bönning: Integration of chip-level performance models into a parallel simulation framework. Bachelor thesis (advisors: A. Afzal, G. Hager).
  • Matthias Knorr: Stencil algorithms on GPGPUs. Master thesis (advisor: D. Ernst).


  • Dorsaf Jdidi: Classification of HPC jobs using unsupervised Machine Learning on job performance metric timeseries data. Bachelor Thesis (advisor: J. Eitzinger in collaboration with the Chair of Pattern Recognition at FAU)
  • Linda Stadter: Classification of HPC jobs using supervised Machine Learning on job performance metric timeseries data. Bachelor Thesis (advisor: J. Eitzinger in collaboration with the Chair of Pattern Recognition at FAU)
  • Jan Laukemann: Cross-Architecture Automatic Critical Path Detection For In-Core Performance Analysis. Master thesis (advisor: J. Hammer)



  • Thomas Köster: Porting Physical Parameterizations from a Climate Model to Accelerators Using OpenACC Compiler Directives. Master thesis (cooperation with Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano; advisors: G. Wellein, O. Schenk).
  • Michael Hußnätter: Performance Engineering for Lattice-Boltzmann Kernels on an Intel Many-Core Architecture with Wide SIMD Units and High-Bandwidth Memory. Master thesis (advisor: M. Wittmann).



  • Markus Wittmann: Hardware-effiziente, hochparallele Implementierungen von Lattice-Boltzmann-Verfahren für komplexe Geometrien. Dissertation, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg (2016).
  • Christie L. Alappat: Implementation and Performance Engineering of the Kaczmarz Method for Parallel Systems. Master thesis (advisors: G. Wellein, M. Kreutzer, J. Thies [DLR Köln]).
  • Michael Hußnätter: Performance Analysis and Optimization of Indirect Addressing Lattice Boltzmann Schemes in the waLBerla Framework. Bachelor thesis (advisors: U. Rüde [LSS], C. Godenschwager [LSS], M. Bauer [LSS], M. Wittmann).
  • Dominik Thoennes: Implementation options and performance properties of OpenMP-parallel symmetric sparse matrix-vector multiplication. Master thesis (advisor: G. Hager).


  • Ayesha Afzal: The Cost of Computation: Metrics and Models for Modern Multicore-based Systems in Scientific Computing. Master thesis (advisor: G. Hager)
  • Salah Saleh: Performance Analysis and Modeling of Computational Kernels for the Simulation of Signal Transmission in the Brain. Master thesis (advisor: G. Hager)
  • Julian Hammer: Automatic Loop Kernel Analysis and Performance Modeling. Master thesis (advisor: G. Hager)
  • Dominik Ernst: Modeling and optimization of a stencil kernel on the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor. Bachelor thesis (advisor: G. Hager)
  • Johannes Habich: A performance engineering process for developing high performance Lattice Boltzmann implementations. Dissertation, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg (2015)


  • Yi Zhou: Implementation of fast sorting and selection algorithms on modern architectures. Master thesis (advisor: J. Eitzinger)


  • Johannes Hofmann: Performance Evaluation of the Intel Many Integrated Core Architecture for 3D Image Reconstruction in Computed Tomography. Master thesis (advisors: G. Wellein, J. Treibig)
  • Johannes Bleisteiner: Optimization strategies for a Lattice Boltzmann Method with sparse data representation on the Intel Xeon Phi co-processor. Master thesis (advisor: G. Hager)


  • Tobias Scharpff: Analyse und Optimierung von Operationen auf dünn besetzten Matrizen. Studienarbeit, betreut von G. Hager und K. Iglberger (LSS)
  • Klaus Sembritzki: Evaluation of the Coarray Fortran Programming Model on the Example of a Lattice Boltzmann Code. Master thesis (advisors: G. Wellein, J. Treibig, B. Krammer [Université de Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines])


  • Nan Chen: Comparative Study of OpenFOAM and ANSYS CFX. Master thesis (advisors: T. Zeiser, G. Zheng)
  • Faisal Shahzad: Checkpoint/Restart for Fault Tolerant MPI Programs: A Case Study using a Lattice Boltzmann Code and the NAS Parallel Benchmarks. Master thesis (advisor: G. Wellein)



  • Markus Wittmann: Potentials of temporal blocking for stencil-based computations on multi-core systems. Master thesis (advisors: G. Hager and R. Eck [University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg])


  • Johannes Habich: Performance Evaluation of Numeric Compute Kernels on nVIDIA GPUs. Master thesis (advisors: G Wellein and U. Rüde [LSS])



  • Johannes Habich: Improving computational efficiency of lattice Boltzmann methods on complex geometries. Bachelor Thesis (RRZE, LSS)
  • Aditya Nitsure: Implementation and Optimization of a Cache Oblivious Lattice Boltzmann Algorithm. Master thesis (RRZE, LSS)


  • Guillermo Zschaeck: On advanced lattice Boltzmann methods: analysis of different boundary conditions and evaluation of a novel hybrid thermal model. Master thesis (RRZE, LSTM)


  • Stefan Donath: On Optimized Implementations of the Lattice Boltzmann Method on Contemporary High Performance Architectures. Bachelor thesis
  • Milena G. Gergova: Numerical Pore-Scale Studies of Transport Phenomena in Fixed-Bed Reactors. Master thesis (RRZE, CRT)
  • Jürgen Bauer: Ortsaufgelöste Simulation von Transportprozessen in porösen Medien zur Untersuchung von Dispersion und Verweilzeitverhalten. Diplomarbeit (LSTM, RRZE, CRT)