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The fourth NHR@FAU Newsletter is now available. The newsletter is a publication that summarizes recent and upcoming events in and around the Erlangen National High Performance Computing Center. Beyond events, every newsletter highlights special or noteworthy achievements by NHR scientists and an FAQ...

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As already announced in the HPC Cafe in January for summer, we will now reinstall the RTX2080Ti and V100 nodes in TinyGPU with Ubuntu 20.04 (instead of Ubuntu 18.04) and integrate them into the Slurm batch system of the RTX3080/A100 GPU nodes. First RTX2080Ti and V100 nodes have already been reinstalled and moved to Slurm in the past days. The remaining nodes will follow gradually until end of October to allow a smooth transition.

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Valued HPC customers of NHR@FAU and RRZE, There will be a scheduled downtime of some HPC systems at RRZE, namely: Emmy, TinyFat and TinyGPU on Thursday, October 14, starting at 7:30 and lasting the whole day. Reason for the downtime is maintenance work on the power grid. Fronte...