Teaching & Training

Teaching & Training at NHR@FAU entails training and event coordination, conducting local courses and user engagement events, organizing invited talks, and participation in and organization of external training.

The RRZE HPC group, out of which NHR@FAU has emerged, has a long history of teaching, training, and support in HPC. As early as 1998, scientists from FAU were educated in programming and performance optimization for the then-current vector supercomputers VPP700 at LRZ Munich and its smaller satellite system, the VPP300 at RRZE. In 2000, the installation of the federal “HLRB” system at LRZ and the concomitant KONWIHR funding fostered the intensification of training and user support activities.

Over the years, the RRZE HPC group could build up considerable expertise in parallel programming, performance modeling, and optimization, which led to the development of signature lectures and tutorials. This process was facilitated by a constant and lively mutual exchange among research, user consulting, teaching, systems administration, and training staff. Since 2019, the monthly HPC Café and HPC in a Nutshell events have been strengthening the communication with new and experienced HPC customers. Since 2021, with the advent of the NHR program, the spectrum of training offers could be broadened even further.

Training activities