• November 2019: PMBS 2019 Best Short Paper Award for the paper “Automatic Throughput and Critical Path Analysis of x86 and ARM Assembly Kernels” by Jan Laukemann, Julian Hammer, Georg Hager, and Gerhard Wellein.
  • September 2019: PPAM 2019 Best Paper Award for the paper “Performance Engineering for a Tall & Skinny Matrix Multiplication Kernel on GPUs” by Dominik Ernst, Georg Hager, Jonas Thies, and Gerhard Wellein.
  • June 2019: Christie Alappat comes second place in ACM Student Research Competition Grand Finals
  • November 2018: Christie Louis Alappat wins the SC18 ACM Student Research Competition Award
  • November 2018: SC18 Best Poster Award Finalist: Georg Hager et al.
  • September 2018: CoSaS 2018 Poster Award for Christie Alappat
  • June 2018: ISC Gauss Award for the paper “On the Accuracy and Usefulness of Analytic Energy Models for Contemporary Multicore Processors” by Johannes Hofmann, Georg Hager, and Dietmar Fey.
  • June 2018: ISC 2018 Hans Meuer Award finalist: “Chebyshev Filter Diagonalization on Modern Manycore Processors and GPGPUs” by Moritz Kreutzer, Georg Hager, Dominik Ernst, Holger Fehske, Alan R. Bishop, and Gerhard Wellein.
  • February 2018: SPPEXA Best PhD Award 2017 for Dr. Moritz Kreutzer
  • June 2017: ISC 2017 PhD Forum Award for Julian Hammer
  • January 2017: SPPEXA Best Master Thesis Award for Christie Alappat
  • November 2016: Second Place in SC18 Student Research Competition (graduate) for Julian Hammer
  • November 2015: SC15 Best Poster Award finalist: Moritz Kreutzer et al.
  • November 2011: Informatics Europe 2011 Curriculum Best Practices Award for the outstanding educational initiative “Teaching High Performance Computing to Scientists and Engineers: A Model-Based Approach” by Georg Hager, Gerhard Wellein, and Jan Treibig.
  • July 2009: COMPSAC 2009 Best Paper Award for the paper “Efficient temporal blocking for stencil computations by multicore-aware wavefront parallelization” by Gerhard Wellein, Georg Hager, Thomas Zeiser, Markus Wittmann, and Holger Fehske.
  • 2008: HLRS Golden Spike Award 2008 for the paper “Vector computers in a world of commodity clusters, massively parallel systems and many-core many-threaded CPUs: recent experience based on advanced lattice Boltzmann flow solvers” by Thomas Zeiser
  • 2004: HLRS Golden Spike Award 2004 for the paper “Combination of detailed CFD simulations using the lattice Boltzmann method and experimental measurements using the NMR/MRI technique” by Thomas Zeiser