Welcome to the Erlangen National High Performance Computing Center (NHR@FAU). Our interdisciplinary team

Our fields of expertise and research include

  • node-level performance engineering for CPUs and GPUs,
  • hardware-efficient and scalable building blocks for sparse solvers, and
  • atomistic simulations in chemistry, life sciences, and materials science.

We are part of the German NHR Alliance and closely collaborate with the RRZE.

The 35th Molecular Modelling Workshop 2023 (March 13—15) in Erlangen provides researchers, postdoctoral scientists, and graduate students with the perfect opportunity to present their results to the molecular modelling community. Scientists at the beginning of their academic career are able to meet ...

We are pleased to announce two events with which we would like to celebrate with you the first two years of operation of NHR@FAU. On March 15, a celebratory colloquium will look back on the last two years, featuring welcome addresses, scientific talks, and a guided tour to the "Fritz" cluster. Th...