Welcome to the Erlangen National High Performance Computing Center (NHR@FAU). Being part of the German national HPC infrastructure (NHR Alliance), our interdisciplinary team
  • provides HPC-related lectures, tutorials, and training,
  • offers in-depth user and specialized application support,
  • operates state-of-the-art supercomputers, and
  • collaborates in HPC-related research.

To this end, NHR@FAU closely collaborates with the Erlangen Regional Computing Center (RRZE). Our fields of expertise include

  • node-level performance engineering for CPUs and GPUs,
  • hardware-efficient and scalable building blocks for sparse solvers, and
  • atomistic simulations in chemistry, life sciences, and materials science.

We wish our customers, collaborators, associates, and all of the individuals who helped establish and run the Erlangen National High Performance Computing Center a very merry Christmas, peaceful holidays, and a happy new year 2022! The last twelve months have been quite a ride, but we are looking fo...

The fifth NHR@FAU Newsletter is now available. The newsletter is a publication that summarizes recent and upcoming events in and around the Erlangen National High Performance Computing Center. Besides news, every newsletter has an FAQ corner and highlights special or noteworthy achievements by NHR s...

We are happy to release a new bugfix release of the LIKWID toolsuite (version 5.2.1). Add support for Intel Rocketlake and AMD Zen3 variant (Family 19, Model 0x50) Fix for perf_event multiplexing (important!) Fix for potential deadlock in MarkerAPI (thx @jenny-cheung) Build and runtime...

Since June 2020, the Top500 list is led by the supercomputer Fugaku, which comprises over 7.5 million Fujitsu A64FX cores. Besides their raw computational power, the cores are equipped with features that support parallel execution on the systems: hardware barrier, sector cache (cache partitioning), ...