Systems & Services

We operate all central HPC production systems of FAU at RRZE as well as the NHR-Tier2 systems. Together with our customers we select and procure new systems regularly.

We are also the main point of service for scientists at the university and beyond with a demand for compute resources larger than what their local institutes can deliver. Our experts can help with code porting and portability issues, parallelization, optimization, and data management.

If a user’s demand outgrows even the capacity of the RRZE clusters, we can help formulate proposals for the federal computing centers at Garching, Stuttgart, and Jülich or other NHR centers.

  • Systems, Documentation & Instructions – all information on our hardware, how to get access, and how to best run certain common applications
  • Support & Contact – how to reach us and support offerings like the monthly HPC cafe, specific topical support centers, and success stories from the support
  • HPC User Training – all details on training offerings, including video recordings of HPC in a Nutshell
  • HPC System Utilization – annual highlights of HPC usage and FAU’s publications which are connected to one of our clusters
  • User projects – what our users do on the HPC systems