HPC Usage Reports

Acknowledgement of RRZE in publications

The following formulation should in general be used in publications for acknowledging the resources and the support of RRZE: “The authors gratefully acknowledge the compute resources and support provided by the Erlangen Regional Computing Center (RRZE).”
(Also do not forget to send a copy of your papers to!)

HPC users and usage

pie chart with HPC usage

weighted HPC usage (year 2017)

RRZE operates three big parallel computers (LiMa, Emmy, Meggie), a throughput cluster (Woody/TinyEth) and three specialized systems (TinyFAT, TinyGPU, Windows HPC). In total there are more than 1’800 nodes with 30’000 cores and almost 100 TB of (distributed) main memory as well as more than 1.5 PB of disk storage in five storage systems plus a transparently managed tape library for offline-storage.

In the year 2017 more than 550 accounts from almost 70 groups have been active (i.e. consumed CPU cycles) on RRZE’s HPC systems. This includes scientists from all five faculties of the University, students doing labs as part of their studies or for their final bachelor or master thesis, as well as a few users from regional universities and colleges or external collaborators. In total about 200 million core hours have been delivered to 1.7 million jobs.

Graphs of the recent utilization of RRZE’s HPC systems can be found at

HPC usage reports from our users

From time to time RRZE asks its HPC customers to write short reports on what they are doing on the HPC systems operated by RRZE. Below, you find a short selection of their work.

Biology, life sciences & pharmacy


Chemical & mechanical engineering

Computer science & Mathematics


  • (Junior Professorship of Macroeconomics and Labor Market Research)
  • (Chair of Economics)
  • (Lehrstuhl für Versicherungswirtschaft und Risikomanagement)

Electrical engineering & Audio processing

Geography & Climatology

Material sciences

Medical research




  • (Chair of Psychology)

Regional users and student projects: