The HPC group at RRZE is the main point of contact for all scientists at FAU that want to optimize or parallelize their code, run it on our clusters, apply for resources outside of Erlangen, or procure their own systems. There are two e-mail addresses that should be used for initial contact. Please do not e-mail anyone in the HPC team directly about a new issue – we are frequently on travel and your message may get lost. Use your e-mail address when contacting us.

  • Here you find information how to apply for an HPC account
  • is the contact e-mail address for general inquiries about high performance computing.
  • should be used for issues concerning our systems, such as quota extensions, mysterious job failures, software installations, etc. All e-mails to this address go into our helpdesk system and automatically open a support ticket. Please try to be as specific as possible in order to allow us to look into your issue without further delay, i.e. specify your HPC account, the cluster/login node you are using, job ids and output files from the batch system, etc.

We are also able and willing to come to your chair or research group and give you a quick intro to HPC for beginners, with some focus on RRZE. We can adapt the depth of the talk according to your needs. Please contact us if you are interested. Slides from a recent presentation can be found here: 2019-01-30_HPC_in_a_Nutshell.pdf