NHR@FAU Newsletters

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  • #12 February 2023: Upcoming Molecular Modeling Workshop, NHR@FAU Colloquium, NHR@FAU Results Symposium, ISC HPC 2023 Call for Student Volunteers, Upcoming Courses, Spotlight on Prof. Dr. Erik Bitzek
  • #11 December 2022: Fritz & Alex in Top500, Student Cluster Competition, BMBF project EE-HPC kick-off, Spotlight on Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüde, HPC Crossword Puzzle
  • #10 October 2022: HPC Café talk on “Modern Fortran,” Upcoming talks in the NHR PerfLab Seminars, Upcoming DLI course, Best Paper Award, SC22 news, new OSACA version, First call for large-scale compute projects at NHR@FAU completed, Spotlight on Prof. Dr. Rainer Böckmann
  • #9 August 2022: NHR@FAU 2021 Annual Report, Upcoming Courses, ClusterCockpit, Woody – the Next Generation, NHR Monitoring Workshop, Spotlight on Prof. Dr. Heinrich Sticht
  • #8 June 2022: Official Application Process for NHR@FAU Resources, Setting a New Course for High Performance Computing in Erlangen, Spotlight on Prof. Dr. Andreas Görling
  • #7 April 2022 (PDF only): Security Problem with TensorBoard, Full LIKWID Support in the Julia Language, Spotlight on Prof. Petra Imhof
  • #6 February 2022 (PDF only): Minisymposium on Performance Modeling at SIAM PP22, GPU Benchmarking with GROMACS, Spotlight on Prof. Harald Köstler
  • #5 December 2021 (PDF only): NHR Atomistic Simulation Center Inauguration Symposium, Project proposals at NHR centers, Spotlight on Dr. Georg Hager, Special Christmas treat: HPC and Computer History Crossword Puzzle
  • #4 October 2021 (PDF only): NHR Association officially founded, Cx as a Service at NHR@FAU, Spotlight on Dr. Jan Eitzinger
  • #3 August 2021 (PDF only): Webinars on tools and analysis for A64FX, GROMACS benchmark shootout: CPU vs. GPU, Spotlight on Dr. Thomas Zeiser
  • #2 June 2021 (PDF only): New clusters to be installed, OpenMP talk, Multi-GPU GROMACS, Spotlight on Dr. Harald Lanig
  • #1 April 2021 (PDF only): Past events, PerfLab seminar, Spotlight on Prof. Gerhard Wellein