Where can I store my data?

Your home directory is accessible via $HOME. Each user gets a standard quota of 50 Gigabytes and quota extensions are not possible.

Additional storage is accessible via $HPCVAULT. Here, the default quota for each user is 500 Gigabytes.

The recommended work directory is accessible via $WORK. The standard quota for each user is 500 Gigabytes.

All three directories ($HOME, $HPCVAULT and $WORK) are available throughout our HPC systems.

We recommend you use the aforementioned variables in your jobscripts and not rely on the specific paths as this may change over time, i.e. when directories are relocated to a different NFS server.

Job-specific storage (either located in main memory [RAM disk] or, if available, local HDD / SDD) is accessible via $TMPDIR and always node-local. Size differs between clusters and is only available during job lifetime. Data is flushed after the job finishes!

Some of our clusters have a local parallel filesystem for high performance short-term storage that is accessible via $FASTTMP. These filesystems are specific to the clusters and not available on other clusters. This type of storage is not suitable for programs such as MD simulations that have quite high output rates!

Please also have a look into our documentation on “File Systems“.