School Workshop Supported by NHR@FAU

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On November 29, NHR@FAU supported a workshop of the “Hochbegabtenmodell Mittelfranken” (HMM) on AI and medicine for 11th graders. The HMM is an extracurricular program for highly gifted students from schools in the region. The workshop was conducted by Marc Vornehm from the Computational Imaging Lab of AIBE.

In the workshop, the students learned about basics of AI, some of its applications in medicine, what is needed to build an AI, and its shortcomings. In a hands-on session, the students used NHR@FAU’s JupyterHub and GPU resources to train their own neural networks for a simple classification task, thereby learning about the internals of neural networks and how data quality and availability influence network performance.

Students trained simple neural networks to classify brain images with and without tumors.