Monthly HPC Café: GPU Top Trumps! (October 24, hybrid event)

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NVIDIA GPU’s in comparison.

Topic:  GPU Top Trumps!

Speaker: Dominik Ernst, NHR@FAU

Abstract:  What’s so special about those NVIDIA H100 GPUs that are (almost) as valuable as gold? This month’s HPC Cafe shines a light on the capabilities and differences of all the different GPUs currently sold for HPC. We try to answer questions like: How does the older A100 GPU, which the NHR@FAU has in spades, hold up to its newer sibling? Why does Alex also have another type of GPU, the A40? What’s the deal with the GPUs by “the other vendor,” which are powering the fastest (documented) supercomputer in the world? Can the new competitor, Intel, build GPUs that power supercomputers instead of just notebooks? What is an  “APU” and why does everyone want to build one?



Material from past events is available at: