New major release LIKWID 5.2.0

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We are happy to release a new major release of the LIKWID toolsuite (version 5.2.0).

  • Support for AMD Zen3 (Core + Uncore)
  • Support for Intel IcelakeSP (Core + Uncore)
  • New affinity code
  • Fix for Ivybridge uncore code
  • Bypass accessdaemon by using rdpmc instruction on x86_64
  • Introduce notion of CPU die in topology module
  • Use CPU dies for socket-lock for Intel CascadelakeAP
  • Add environment variable LIKWID_IGNORE_CPUSET to break out of current CPUset
  • Fixes for affinity module CPUlist sorting
  • Build against system-installed hwloc
  • Update for Intel SkylakeX/CascadelakeX L3 group
  • Rename DataFabric events for all generations of AMD Zen
  • Add static cache configuration for Fujitsu A64FX
  • Add multiplexing checks for perf_event backend
  • Fix for table width of likwid-topology after adding CPU die column
  • Adding RasPi 4 with 32 bit OS as ARMv7
  • Add default groups for Intel Icelake desktop
  • Fix for likwid-setFrequencies to not apply minFreq when setting governor
  • likwid-powermeter: Fix hwthread selection when run with -p
  • likwid-setFrequencies: Get measured base frequency if register is not readable
  • CLOCK group for all AMD Zen
  • Fixes in Nvidia GPU support in NvMarkerAPI and topology module

You can download the new version from the FTP or GitHub.

Thomas Gruber

Development LIKWID, ClusterCockpit & MachineState

Erlangen National High Performance Computing Center
Software & Tools Division

or use the Matrix chats: [LIKWID General] and [LIKWID Dev]