New bugfix release LIKWID 5.1.1

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We are happy to announce a bugfix release LIKWID 5.1.1. We and our users found some bugs that are fixed in this release:

  • Support for Intel Cometlake desktop (Core + Uncore)
  • Fix for topology module of Fujitsu A64FX
  • Fix for Intel Skylake SP in SNC mode
  • Fix for likwid-perfscope
  • Fix for CLI argument parsing
  • Updated group and data file checkers
  • Vector sum benchmark in SVE
  • FP_PIPE group for Fujitsu A64FX
  • Maximal number of CLI arguments configurable in (currently 16384)
  • Fix for cpulist_sort function
  • Fix for Intel SkylakeSP/CascadelakeSP CBOX devices in perf_event mode
  • Multiplexing-Fix for perf_event (with warning)
  • Adjust CUDA function pointer names in topology_gpu to avoid name clashes
  • Fix for Lua 5.1
  • Fix for likwid-setFrequency when reading CPU base frequency

Note: This version does not contain any updates for AMD Zen3 and Intel IcelakeSP.
Note: Uncore measurements on Intel Cascadelake AP systems require an update of the topology module which will come in 5.2.0

Thomas Gruber

Development LIKWID, ClusterCockpit & MachineState

Erlangen National High Performance Computing Center
Software & Tools Division

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