I have a Tier3-project in the HPC portal. Which of the project categories is the correct one for the new account I want to add?

There are three default Tier3-project categories in the HPC portal:

  • ###100: Tier3 Grundversorgung1 <name of institute/department> (Prof. <name>)—that’s for staff, PhD students with a contract at FAU (“contract” does not necessarily mean “employment”), employed student assistants, etc.
  • ###101: Studentische Abschlußarbeiten2 Tier3 Grundversorgung1 <name of institute/department> (Prof. <name>)—that’s for students doing their bachelor/master thesis or some sort of study-related project work (i.e., coursework) but usually not for tutorials of a lecture (that would be a separate category4); doctoral theses do not fall into this category (that would be basic supply ###100)
  • ###102: Projektpartner3 Tier3 Grundversorgung1 <name of institute/department> (Prof. <name>)—that’s for people not belonging to FAU, i.e., all people who should have access to HPC resources as part of your Tier3 HPC basic provision but who are neither students nor employees/scholarship holders/etc. at FAU; guest researchers or former employees, for example, fall into this category

If you wish to change the project category of an HPC identifier within your group, please inform us by sending an informal email to The different project categories are currently used for statistical purposes only. In the future, however, they will also be used to control the frequency of re-validation (=forced SSO login in the HPC portal), for example.

[1] Basic supply       [2] Student theses       [3] Project partners
[4] In some cases, there is ###103 for teaching activities but usually, there will be a dedicated project with a separate name space.