How can I get access to HPC systems?

Getting an HPC account

Depending on the status, there are different protocols to get an HPC account:

  • NHR users from outside FAU; See the page on NHR application rules for up-to-date information on allocating resources of NHR@FAU.
    Also check the pages on the NHR@FAU HPC-Portal Usage /New digital workflow for HPC accounts.
  • FAU staff and students (except for lectures): use the HPC application form. Details on how to fill the form are given below. Basic usage of the HPC systems typically is free of charge for FAU researchers for publicly funded research. For compute needs beyond the free basic usage see the page on NHR application rules for preliminary information on allocating resources of NHR@FAU.
  • Lectures of FAU with need for HPC access: there is a simplified protocol to get HPC accounts for all students of your course. Lecturer have to approach HPC support with a list of the IdM accounts of all students of the course and  the course name. Late registrations of additional students are not possible. Thus, be sure to collect all IdM accounts before sending the list to RRZE.
  • Block courses with external participants: Lecturer have to approach HPC support at least one week in advance with title and date of the course, and the expected number of participants. Such accounts cannot be valid for more than one week.

The HPC application form for FAU within HPC4FAU

You can get the application form here: HPC application form. Applications always have to be approved by your local chair / institute – we do not serve private persons. If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact your local IT contact person at the chair / institute.

You need to fill out the application form, print it, sign it and let it be stamped with the Chair or Institute seal.

Once it is ready, you can bring it by the RRZE Service Desk or send it via Email, or internal mail.

Please visit our documentation about Getting started with HPC for more information.