NHR Graduate School

The NHR Graduate School is the joint graduate school of the nine NHR Centers. We support qualified national and international PhD students in the field of high-performance computing.

The NHR Graduate School offers its fellows a three-year full-time scholarship at an NHR Center. In order to ensure an excellent research environment, all doctoral students are supervised at a center whose focus of expertise coincides with the topic of the doctoral project. Doctoral students have academic supervisors who assist them in all aspects of the dissertation, including advice on participation in professional meetings and the publication of their research.

A special feature is the six months of interdisciplinary research to be completed at a different NHR Center (secondment). This gives the doctoral students an insight into the divergent working methods of the centers.

The graduate school does not only provide the financial support of the doctoral students but also organizes an annual joint summer school (duration 3-5 days), which covers the following topics:

  • Operation and computer architecture
  • HPC Software Engineering
  • Application of efficient HPC methods for different research domains

Working as a scientist requires more than excellent research. To practice other skills and get advice from experienced researchers, the NHR Graduate School program also includes soft skills courses and mentoring offerings.

At NHR@FAU, the following PhD students are currently funded by the NHR Graduate School:

Name Start of funding PI
Raviraj Mandalia April 1, 2022 Prof. Andreas Görling
Fabian Böhm and Daniel Bauer April 1, 2023 Prof. Ulrich Rüde
Amador Balderas April 1, 2024 Prof. Petra Imhof


Applications for a funding period close in September each year.