Dialog server “cshpc” to be replaced – XRDP taking over from NoMachine NX

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We will be decommissioning our old dialog server cshpc.rrze.fau.de at the end of July. The new server that replaces it, csnhr.nhr.fau.de, has been available for some time now. If you have not switched over to the new server yet, now would be a good time to do so. To this end, you’ll mostly have to replace all references to cshpc.rrze.fau.de inside your ~/.ssh/config file with csnhr.nhr.fau.de. See our current ssh-config-template and update the file accordingly: https://doc.nhr.fau.de/access/ssh-command-line/#template-for-connecting-to-hpc-systems

If you have been using NoMachine NX on cshpc, that unfortunately will no longer exist on the new machine. As a replacement you can use XRDP – see our documentation on https://doc.nhr.fau.de/access/xrdp/ for how to set that up for Linux, Windows, and Mac client computers. If any standard Linux software that you used on cshpc is missing on the new machine, or in case of any other problem, please let us know via hpc-support@fau.de.