Monthly HPC Café: Introduction to the NHR@FAU HPC portal and the ClusterCockpit monitoring tool (January 10)

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The next HPC Café takes place on Tuesday, January 10, at 4 p.m. as purely online event (via Zoom).

The monthly HPC Café is an opportunity to get to know each other and to stay up to speed with current developments at NHR@FAU. After a general Q&A phase, the focus will be put on advanced or application-specific topics. In the HPC Café we also offer short talks about anything HPC related, from running job scripts to performance issues. The Café is also an informal platform to give feedback or talk about general requests.

Topic:   Introduction to the NHR@FAU HPC portal and the ClusterCockpit monitoring tool

Abstract: The NHR@FAU HPC Portal is the primary interface for NHR HPC accounts today. Currently it allows PIs to manage the accounts of project members. In the near future, it will become be the primary interface to account management functions for all HPC users at NHR@FAU. ClusterCockpit is a job-specific cluster monitoring infrastructure that allows HPC customers to view performance data of running and completed jobs. This data is vital to assess the efficiency of code execution. Both tools will be introduced using “live” demos.

Slides on ClusterCockpit: 2023-01-10-HPC-Cafe-ClusterCockpit

HPC Cafe 2023-01-10: Using the NHR@FAU HPC Portal and the ClusterCockpit monitoring system