NHR@FAU systems “Alex” and “Fritz” climb up in Top500 list

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Last week at the Supercomputing (SC22) Conference in Dallas, Texas, the updated list of the fastest 500 supercomputers in the world was released. The “Top500” is published twice a year at the leading conferences in the field: SC in the USA and ISC High Performance in Germany. Systems are ranked according to their performance in the “High Performance LINPACK” (HPL) benchmark, which solves a large dense system of linear equations.

Although the new Alex and Fritz clusters at NHR@FAU had already entered the list in June this year, ranking #184 and #323, respectively, hardware upgrades warranted a reevaluation of the benchmark results. After all, Alex was extended by about 10% in its A100 partition, and Fritz is now fully operational with all InfiniBand network components and 992 nodes. MEGWARE, the system integrator that delivered both systems, conducted the HPL runs and submitted it to the Top500 list admins in time for publication at SC22.

Thus we are thrilled to announce that both systems climbed up the list compared to the June ranking: Alex is now at #174 with 3.24 Pflop/s, and Fritz is at #151 with 3.58 Pflop/s. Congratulations to MEGWARE and the NHR@FAU systems team for pushing NHR@FAU into the top 200 supercomputer sites!