New bugfix release LIKWID 5.2.1

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We are happy to release a new bugfix release of the LIKWID toolsuite (version 5.2.1).

  • Add support for Intel Rocketlake and AMD Zen3 variant (Family 19, Model 0x50)
  • Fix for perf_event multiplexing (important!)
  • Fix for potential deadlock in MarkerAPI (thx @jenny-cheung)
  • Build and runtime fixes for Nvidia GPU backend, updates for CUDA test codes
  • peakflops kernel for ARMv8
  • Updates for AMD Zen1/2/3 event lists and groups
  • Support spaces in MarkerAPI region tags (thx @jrmadsen)
  • Use ‘online’ cpulist instead of ‘present’
  • Switch CI from Travis-CI to NHR@FAU Cx services
  • Document -reset and -ureset for likwid-setFrequencies
  • Reset cpuset in unpinned runs
  • Remove destructor in frequency module
  • Check PID if given through –perfpid
  • Intel Icelake: OFFCORE_RESPONSE events
  • AccessDaemon: Check PCI init state before using it
  • likwid-mpirun: Set mpi type for SLURM automatically
  • likwid-mpirun: Fix for skip mask for OpenMPI
  • Fix for triad_sve* benchmarks

You can download the new version from the FTP or GitHub.

Thomas Gruber

Development LIKWID, ClusterCockpit & MachineState

Erlangen National High Performance Computing Center
Software & Tools Division

or use the Matrix chats: [LIKWID General] and [LIKWID Dev]