Joint EoCoE/Exa2Pro workshop upcoming

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The Horizon2020 Center-of-Execellence projects EoCoE-II (of which HPC@RRZE is a member) and Exa2Pro are organizing a joint remote workshop that will showcase their respective breakthrough work in the field of computer science from February 22 to February 24, 2021.

Overview of the agenda:

Day 1: EXA2PRO and EoCoE presentations
– EXA2PRO framework overview & success stories
– EXA2PRO High-level programming interface: SkePU and ComPU
– The StarPU Runtime system
– EoCoE framework overview & success stories
– The Parallel Data Interface library (PDI)
– The Fault Tolerance Interface library (FTI)

Day 2: EXA2PRO & EoCoE technologies (demonstrations & hands-on sessions)
– SkePU Skeleton Programming Hands-on Session
– Performance Engineering and code generation techniques

Day 3: EXA2PRO & EoCoE technologies (demonstrations & hands-on sessions)
– StarPU task-based programming hands-on session
– Solving large linear systems with parallel solvers designed on top of runtime systems.
– Extreme-scale computation with PSBLAS and AMG4PSBLAS.


A full program is available online. This workshop is open to everyone, with hands-on sessions limited to 20 participants.

Please register online using the dedicated page. Registration enables to select the sessions you want to attend.