New major release LIKWID 5.1.0

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We are happy to announce a new major release 5.1.0 of LIKWID adding support for the latest and upcoming architectures. You can get the tarball from our FTP or Github.

  • Support for Intel Icelake desktop (Core + Uncore)
  • Support for Intel Icelake server (Core only)
  • Support for Intel Tigerlake desktop (Core only)
  • Support for Intel Cannonlake (Core only)
  • Support for Nvidia GPUs with compute capability >= 7.0 (CUpti Profiling API)
  • Initial support for Fujitsu A64FX (Core) including SVE assembly benchmarks
  • Support for ARM Neoverse N1 (AWS Graviton 2)
  • Support for AMD Zen3 (Core + Uncore but without any events)
  • Check for Intel HWP
  • Fix for TID filter of Skylake SP LLC filter0 register
  • Fix for Lua 5.1
  • Fix for likwid-mpirun skip masks
  • Fortran90 interface for NvMarkerAPI (update)
  • CPU_is_online check to filter non-usable CPU cores
  • Fix for freeMemory in NUMA module (with hwloc backend)
  • Fix for likwid-setFrequencies

We want to thank Intel, AMD, AWS and the University of Regensburg for their support.