New bugfix release LIKWID 5.0.2

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We are happy to announce a new bugfix release 5.0.2 of LIKWID.

If you want to use LIKWID on AMD Zen/Zen2 systems, we highly recommend you updating your installation. Thanks to HLRS and LANL for the valuable inputs.

Here is the full Changelog:

  • Fix memory leak in calc_metric()
  • New peakflops benchmarks in likwid-bench
  • Fix for NUMA domain handling properly
  • Improvements for perf_event backend
  • Fix for perfctr and powermeter with perf_event backend
  • Fix for likwid-mpirun for SLURM with cpusets
  • Fix for likwid-setFrequencies in cpusets
  • Update for POWER9 event list
  • Updates for AMD Zen, Zen+ and Zen2 (events, groups)
  • Fix for Intel Uncore events with same name for different devices
  • Fix for file descriptor handling
  • Fix for compilation with GCC10
  • Remove sleep timer warning
  • Update examples C-markerAPI and C-internalMarkerAPI

Problems with GPU measurements on recent Nvidia GPUs are not addressed with this bugfix release. The fixes will be part of the 5.1.0 release (including support for Fujitsu A64FX and ARM Neoverse N1).