New major release LIKWID 5.0.0

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Today, we proudly announce the new major release LIKWID 5.0.0!

This update introduces support for all processor architectures relevant to today’s HPC world: x86_64, ARM and POWER.  Moreover, LIKWID 5 now supports monitoring of application kernels running on Nvidia GPUs.

Changes specifically include:

  • Support for ARM architectures. Special support for Marvell Thunder X2
  • Support for IBM POWER architectures (POWER8 and POWER9)
  • Support for AMD Zen2 microarchitecture
  • Support for data fabric counters of AMD Zen microarchitecture
  • Support for Nvidia GPU monitoring (with NvMarkerAPI)
  • New clock frequency backend (with less overhead)
  • Generation of benchmarks for likwid-bench on-the-fly from ptt files
  • Interface function to performance groups, create your own.
  • Integration of GOTCHA for hooking into client application at runtime
  • Enhanced support for SLURM with likwid-mpirun
  • New MPI and Hybrid pinning features for likwid-mpirun
  • Interface to enable the membind kernel memory policy
  • JSON output filter file (use -o output.json)
  • Update of internal HWLOC to 2.1.0

The full Changelog is available at the release page.