Application for FAU/Tier3 access to parallel computer Fritz

FAU purchased “Fritz” as Tier3 and NHR parallel computer with 944 compute nodes each with two Intel Xeon Platinum 8360Y “Ice Lake” processors (36 cores per chip) running at a base frequency of 2.4 GHz, and with 256 GB of DDR4 main memory. A single node of Fritz is expected to deliver more computational performance than four Meggie nodes for suitable codes.

The Tier3 part serves the basic needs of FAU (and RRZE’s partner universities). To access the Tier3 part of Fritz, it is not sufficient to have an FAU HPC account. You also have to fill in the following online form in addition and proof that you have needs which go beyond what you can get on Woody/Meggie but that you are also below the NHR thresholds.

The NHR part is accessible by researchers from universities all over Germany (including of course FAU people) after approval of a scientific project proposal. If you are from FAU and your demands exceed the free basic tier, you have to apply for an NHR project like anyone else.

This simple form is for the Tier3 part only, i.e. to get an existing FAU HPC account enabled for the free basic tier of Fritz when you can proof that you have extended needs but still below the NHR thresholds.

All NHR access (FAU internal or external from universities all over Germany ) is regulated by  formal scientific proposals!