I would like to cross use data between HPC accounts

Please be careful when dealing with permissions!

see: man nfs4_acl/nfs4_getfacl/nfs4_setfacl/chmod

This might be the case if you own a Tier2 and a Tier3 account or to share data with a co-worker (group member).

In the following example USER1 will grand access for USER2:

It can be done in a two step process, open your folder using nfs4acl
USER1@frontend: nfs4_setfacl -a $WOODYHOME
replace USER with your Tier2 or Tier3 account name.

You can add an entire group with
nfs4_setfacl -a FOLDER

As a quick&dirty alternativ you may use USER1@frontend: chmod o+x $WOODYHOME
Please note this will open the door for EVERY HPC user on the system. They will be able to access your data if they know file/folder names.

Use POSIX permissions for child folder/files, you need to set permissions for others “o”
USER1@frontend: chmod --recursive o+rx $WOODYHOME/testing
or user of the same group “g”
USER1@frontend: chmod --recursive g+rx $WOODYHOME/testing

You may have to modify umask to ensure that new files are created with proper permissions.

If everything worked permissions should look like this:
USER1@frontend: nfs4_getfacl $WOODYHOME
# file: /home/woody/$USER/$GROUP
A::OWNER@:rwaDxtTcCy <-- please note UID are sometimes not resolved here, use "id UID" to check

USER1@frontend: ls -alh /home/woody/$GROUP/$USER/testing
-rwxr-xr-x 1 USER1 GROUP 115 Jan 11 14:24 testing