Matlab, R-Studio, and Whisper available via NHR@FAU JupyterHub for Tier-3 customers

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We are happy to announce that the NHR@FAU JupyterHub server (accessible via the HPC Portal) now provides options to start sessions for Matlab, R-Studio, and the Whisper transcription web service for our Tier-3 customers (i.e., FAU staff and students, plus the FAU service coverage area).

Several job profiles are available for Matlab and R-Studio sessions, depending on the needed resources. For non-compute-heavy activities, running locally on the JupyterHub server is sufficient, but more memory and (in case of Matlab) one or two GPUs can be selected as well.

The OpenAI Whisper service is a convenient tool for transcribing spoken text, for instance if you want to create subtitles. Even automatic translation is available. The captions on the video portal have been produced via Whisper. Even though OpenAI provides the pre-trained models, the service runs entirely on NHR@FAU resources, so no data leaves the university.

In case of questions or problems, please contact HPC support at