The FAU’s Student Cluster Competition team is going to Shanghai

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Among 25 other teams out of 300 applications from universities worldwide, the FAU has been selected to compete in the ASC Student Supercomputing Challenge Finals, set for April 9-13, 2024 at Shanghai University.

The ASC Student Supercomputing Challenge is one of the three Student Cluster Competitions held at conferences in the US, Germany, and China. It is already the fourth time that an FAU team, co-hosted by the Chair for Computer Architecture and the NHR@FAU, participates in the ASC.

At the competition, students design and assemble a small HPC cluster from hardware provided by a sponsor. They are then scored by their cluster’s results on a variety of benchmarks, such as the HPL or the HPCG, and productivity in machine learning inference and porous media simulation applications.

The FAU’s ASC team: Jan-Christoph Oehlrich, Nils Lederer, David Lau, Johannes Dittrich, and Philipp Gurtner.

The five bachelor students from Computer Science and Computational Engineering have spent the last semester with lectures, exercises, and a lot of benchmarking to prepare for the competition and to be able to write a compelling application.

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The students introduce themselves in this sportive video:


Dominik Ernst, M.Sc. (Hons.)

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Erlangen National High Performance Computing Center (NHR@FAU)
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