New LIKWID release 5.2.2

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We are happy to announce the new version 5.2.2 of the LIKWID toolsuite. It contains bugfixes for various architectures and execution modes.

You can download it from our FTP server or the GitHub repository.


  • Fix pin string parsing in pinning library
  • Make SBIN path configurable in build system
  • Add PKGBUILD for ArchLinux package builds
  • Remove accessDaemon double-fork in systemd environments
  • Group updates for L2/L3 (mainly AMD Zen)
  • Fix multi-initialization in MarkerAPI
  • Add energy event scaling for Fujitsu A64FX
  • Nvmon: Use Cupti error string to get better warning/error messages
  • Nvmon: Store events internally to re-use event strings in stopCounters
  • AccessLayer: Catch SIGCHLD to stop sending requests to accessDaemon if it was killed
  • likwid-genTopoCfg: Update writing and reading of topology file
  • Add INST_RETIRED_NOP event for Intel Icelake (desktop & server)
  • Removed some memory leaks
  • Improved checks for RDPMC availability
  • Add TOPDOWN_SLOTS for perf_event
  • Fix for systems with CPU sockets without hwthreads (A64FX FX1000)
  • Fix if HOME environment variable is not set (systemd)
  • Reader function for perf_event_paranoid in Lua to get state early
  • likwid-mpirun: Sanitize np and ppn values to avoid crashes


Thomas Gruber

Development LIKWID, ClusterCockpit & MachineState

Erlangen National High Performance Computing Center
Software & Tools Division