We congratulate Dr. Faisal Shahzad on his doctorate


On June 6, 2022, Faisal Shahzad successfully defended his PhD thesis. Faisal worked for several years in our team. After presenting his work on “Efficient Application-level Fault Tolerance Methods for Large Scale HPC Applications” to the PhD committee and broader audience, the good news were announced by Prof. Fey, the head of the PhD committee.

Before he left for industry, Faisal had pursued his research mainly within the ESSEX project funded until 2019 by the DFG priority progam “SPPEXA.” Since then, he has completed the thesis – well done, Faisal! After the defense, Faisal was celebrated by many group members and former members of the ESSEX project including Prof. Nakajima (University of Tokyo and RIKEN) who was on the committee and worked together with Faisal in the ESSEX project.

The main topic of Faisal’s work was fault tolerance of massively parallel programs on supercomputers. He developed CRAFT, a C++ framework for painless and flexible checkpoint/restart and automatic failure recovery, which makes it very easy for application developers to include fault tolerance features in their code.

Thanks a lot, Faisal, for your scientific contributions and your active involvement in our team over the years. Your PhD is very well deserved.