LIKWID 4.3.2 released

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LIKWID 4.3.2 has just been released. This is an important maintenance release if you need support for the latest architectures:

  • Support for Intel Knights Mill (core, RAPL, Uncore)
  • AMD Zen: Use RETIRED_INSTRUCTIONS instead of fixed-purpose counter for metric calculation
  • Intel Skylake X: Some fixes for events and performance groups

Bug fixes and minor enhancements:

  • Set KMP_INIT_AT_FORK to bypass bug in Intel OpenMP memory allocator
  • All FLOPS_* groups now have vectorization ratio
  • Fix for Marker API with perf_event backend
  • Fix for maximal/minimal Uncore frequency
  • Skip counters that are already in use, don’t exit
  • likwid-mpirun: minor fix when overloading a host
  • Improved detection of PCI devices
  • Fix in internal metric calculator

You can either clone the git repository or download the package from our FTP server.