R and R Studio

R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. R Studio is an IDE for R.

Availability / Target HPC systems

  • several version of R are installed on Woody and TinyX (modules r/x.y.z-mro)


  • we currently provide the Microsoft R Open distribution as this distribution internally uses Intel MKL for some compute intensive routines to improve performance
  • R could also be used / installed as a custom kernel in our jupyterhub installation; documentation will follow.
  • the Open Source Edition of R Studio Server is not able to handle multiple users; thus, we cannot provide a central R Studio Server. However, R Studio Server could be run through Singularity (but without support from us) – cf. https://www.rocker-project.org/use/singularity/
    • For convenience we provide a script on Woody/Memoryhog/TinyFat/TinyGPU which handles starting R Studio Server: /apps/rstudio/start-rocker-rstudio.sh
    • The script will tell you how to forward the required port to your local machine and the access credentials.
    • Don’t forget to kill the server / job once you are finished.

Sample job scripts

none so far

Further information


  • please volunteer!