How to apply for an account

You have to fill out an application form to get access to the HPC systems. Basic usage of the HPC systems typically is free of charge for FAU researchers for publicly funded research. If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact your local RRZE contact person or the HPC-support.

If you have no experience with using HPC systems a good starting point is to read our Getting Started Guide.

Detailed instructions

You need to fill out the application form, print it, sign it and let it be stamped with the Chair or Institute seal. Once it is ready you have to personally hand it in at the RRZE help desk counter and identify yourself with an official ID card.

Fill out the following meta data fields if applying for the first time:

In the System requirement section be as specific as possible. If you are unsure or need help do not hesitate to contact us. Also note that you have to provide an expiration date, usually the duration a your specific project. You can prolong the account later.

The lower part of the form is related to more detailed information about the specific project: