Application for BayernKI access at NHR@FAU

Together with LRZ, NHR@FAU is providing Bavarian universities with easy access to basic compute resources (CPU & GPU) within the framework of “BayernKI”. For extended demand, think about submitting an NHR application at NHR@FAU or any of the other NHR centers. Demand going even beyond that may be served by the Gauss Center for Supercomputing.

Both LRZ and NHR@FAU have ordered dedicated hardware for BayernKI which is expected to arrive in late 2024 or early 2025. In the meantime, BayernKI users at NHR@FAU have limited access to the existing resources “Alex” and “Fritz” and are treated similar to NHR projects.

For the time being, access within BayernKI will be granted on the level of organizational units (chairs, professorships, labs, etc.) and not project-based. You have to fill in the form below. The principal investigator (PI) and also the primary point of contact (PoC) have to log into NHR@FAU’s HPC portal before we can activate the project. If you are the first ones from your university, your local IT center may have to become active to allow the transfer of the required SSO attributes. Just follow the instructions in the HPC portal.


Once your application is processed, you’ll get an email with further information. They will typically take a few working days.


For acknowledging the resource utilization, please follow the text for BayernKI on

NHR@FAU will contact you typically yearly for a report on your resource usage since the last report and the scientific outcomes of the resource utilization.