Scheduled downtime of all HPC systems on January 16

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Update January 17: File systems are available again and batch processing has been resumed.

Valued HPC customers of NHR@FAU and RRZE,

There will be a scheduled downtime of all HPC systems on Monday, January 16, starting at 8:00 a.m. and lasting the whole day.

The reason for the downtime is maintenance work on file servers. Frontends and file servers will stay available most of the time, but there may be interruptions or reboots. The file system /home/woody (which is $WORK for most non-NHR users) will be read-only or unavailable during the whole maintenance period.

As usual, jobs that would collide with the downtime will automatically be postponed until after the downtime.

Update: Maintenance is done. Batch processing has been resumed at around 23:30.