New bugfix release LIKWID 5.0.1

We are happy to release a bugfix update for LIKWID 5. It mainly addresses build problems on POWER platforms and fixes for likwid-mpirun with hybrid (MPI+X) execution.

The full changelog:

  • Some fixes for likwid-mpirun
    • Fix for hybrid pinning with multiple hosts
    • Fix for perf.groups without core-local events (switch to likwid-pin)
    • Fix for command line parser
    • For for mpiopts parameter
    • Add UPMC as Uncore counter to splitUncoreEvents()
    • Expand user-given input to abspath if possible
    • Check for at least one executable in user-given command
    • Add skip mask for SLURM + Intel OpenMP
    • Check if user-given MPI type is available
  • Fix for perf_event backend when used as root
  • Include likwid-marker.h in likwid.h to not break old MarkerAPI code
  • Enable build with ARM HPC compiler (ARMCLANG compiler setting)
  • Fix creation of likwid-bench benchmarks on POWER platforms
  • Fix for build system in NVIDIA_INTERFACE=BUILD_APPDAEMON=true
  • Update for executable tester
  • Update for MPI+X test (X: OpenMP or Pthreads)

Merry Christmas to everybody and Happy New Year 2020.